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We're talking about practice!

After a long day of work or school, practicing probably isn't the first thing on your mind, but here are some tips to help make practicing a part of your daily routine.

1) Have a designated space for practicing. All your things in one place will provide less distractions. (Bonus: keep a pad of paper nearby to write down all your genius thoughts that happen while you are practicing.)

2) Keep your case open and in sight. If you see it, you'll want to play it.

3) Some days you can't wait to practice, other times you'd rather be anywhere else. Make goals of what you plan to get done, take a deep breath, and

4) A practice session has no time limit. Every person is different, and each day is different. Warm up, achieve your goals, have fun, and MAKE MUSIC!

Weekly Listening:

Hakan Hardenberger - Variations on a theme from "Norma"

Download PDF • 691KB

(public domain)

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