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Holding Yourself Accountable

We are reaching the end of a very unique school year, and I find my students are starting to "check out." When this happens, I find myself striving for new, fun projects to keep my students interested.

Teaching Tools for Accountability:

1- Sightread fun songs at the end of a lesson that students know. I suggest Disney, Star Wars, Holiday Classics, Marvel, etc.

2- I've put together a Zoom Recital to allow students to perform for their peers and stay relevant. Teaching at 7 different Middle and High Schools, my students do not get the chance to hear each other.

3- I had my advanced students watch a 10-minute video with a couple of different basic exercises for 5 days. This change in practice had my students thinking in different ways, and add new tools.

Practicing Tools for Accountability:

1-Practice Buddy! Having someone you trust listen and give feedback is one of the greatest aids. HIGHLY recommend

2-#100daysofpractice, I completed 100 days of practice a week ago. It was a great experience that not only created a strong routine of when to practice, but the quality of my practice also grew! I'm finally in the routine of recording myself every day and it feels AWESOME!

3-A Practice Log will help you see what you have and have not been practicing. It will keep you focused!

Download PDF • 9KB

Download PDF • 48KB

Only YOU can hold yourself accountable. Feel free to comment if you have any questions or want more information on these tools!

Happy Practicing!

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