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Take Care of Yourself

It is so easy to overlook mental health. I, as do a lot of people, find stress, anxiety, and overall tiredness causing less productivity. With busy schedules, the daylight creeping away, a pandemic, and an extremely important election taking over our thoughts, here are some things that help me*:

Have a Game Plan: I would be no where without my calendar, and my handy dandy sticky notes. I try to plan as much as possible, but always allow some flexibility (because you can never plan everything). If there is something you want to do, schedule it in to the calendar. It will allow you to not think/stress about it during the day. It has a time and place and you can work on it then.

Give yourself breaks: This one took me a really long time to understand, and I'm still not the greatest at it. Everyday, give 10 minutes to yourself. No social media. No people. I like going outside and looking at nature. Every week (especially if you have been working harder than normal) give yourself a day to recoup. Go for a run, clean up (because a clean space, is a productive space), watch a movie, Do something for you.

Be as healthy as you can: Sleep well, Eat your veggies, Drink water, Exercise. You might have benefitted from the all-nighter because you finished the assignment, but now the rest of the day won't be as productive. Stay on top of it, and get your body the rest it deserves. Eating healthy and working up a sweat is good for the heart and soul. When you are dashing from one thing to the next, fast food seems like the easiest answer but meal prep instead and you'll save $$ and LBs.

Journal/Therapy: Either in person or online, talk to someone with an unbiased opinion. Have the opportunity to talk things about and figure out the next step. Clear the frustrations or stresses on your mind.

I use the app, Reflectly. ( Between my own journal writings, and daily questions, I find my mind much more relaxed and focused on the task at hand.

We are constantly learning and growing. I call it building character.

If you are tired, that doesn't mean you are weak.

It's OK not to be OK. Take a breath and do YOUR best (Only you know what that is).

*I am no expert on these things, but this is what works for me. If anyone has any specific insight on what helps them- please comment and share!

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