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My philosophy

Trumpets are the most important instrument in an ensemble.

Here's why (in the most simplest terms:)

1- They play melody

2- They play high

3- They are loud

Of course I could go more into the science, but at the end of the day, people notice the trumpets. They notice when the trumpets are really good...

and they notice when the trumpets are not great.

Here are some tips getting more of the good, and less of the bad.

1- No matter what chair you are, YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Lower parts need to support the melody by playing with a good, supported sound.

2-Every part has it's important moments. If you have a moving part that the melody does not, BRING IT OUT. That's your moment!

The principal trumpet is the most important seat in a band, brass quintet or ensemble. It's second to the concertmaster in an orchestra. It leads the trumpet section in:

-Style (character)

-Articulation (Lower notes are naturally longer. Listen and adjust!)

-Dynamics (Lower notes need more volume!)

-Phrasing (Every note should be either going to or coming from an important note. Crescendo, decrescendo, and constant air support are crucial!)

-Starts and Ends of phrases (WATCH AND LISTEN FOR CUT OFFS!)

-Breathing Opportunities Typically, we try to stagger our breathing so the section sounds as if it is always playing No one likes a big gap in the middle of the phrase! Always have a breathing plan and mark it in your part.

We, as trumpet players, must be confident in all these things regardless of what part we are playing. You cannot hide because of the volume of our instrument. Also, shy and timid trumpet DOES NOT SOUND GOOD. LEARN YOUR PART AND OWN IT.

These are the things you should be thinking about and practicing everyday. These should be the goals. Music is more than notes and rhythms, and when playing with other musicians, there are even more layers to pay attention to.

Happy Practicing

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