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Got Apps?

Pitch, Time, Sound, Musicality

These four practice focal points can be hard to work on by yourself.

With the right tools, it can make practicing easier, more productive, and MORE FUN!

Here are the tools I suggest and use EVERYDAY!

  • THE ONE AND DONE APP (metronome/tuner/drone/analysis)


  • PLAY IN TUNE (drone/sound)

The Tuning C.D., Richard A. Schwartz (also available on spotify & apple music)

  • PRACTICE ORGANIZER (timer/recorder/scheduler)

  • RECORD YOURSELF (sound/musicality)

  • LISTENING (sound/musicality)

  • ATTACK PRACTICE (precision/ear training)

There are so many apps out there. What practice apps do you use? Reply in the comments.

Weekly Listening:

Modest Mussorgsky- Pictures at an Exhibition

Great Gate of Kiev


(Ravel- orchestra)

(Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

Inspiration is everywhere. Which is your favorite?

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