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Be Curious

Have you ever felt like there was an expectation for you to know everything, so you acted like you did (when you didn't). Then later realized, you missed on a great opportunity to learn?

I've had teachers tell me to always be curious, but how do you do that??

1- Be willing to admit you don't know the answer.

2- Be willing to ask dumb questions. You will never know everything, so ask the question. Chances are someone else in the room has the same question.

3- Ask questions that start with Who, What, Why, When, How. Yes or No questions do not allow openness for conversation/opinions.

4- Listen without judgement. Take it all in. Decide later.

5- Be willing to be wrong. We learn from our mistakes. Take that risk, and learn!

6- Be fully present. Be engaged in the conversation. Put the phone away!

Are you curious about why we should be curious? Watch this video

Go forth. Be curious.

Weekly Listening:

H.E.R - Focus

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