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Hello Teachers!

Thank you for choosing Launch. There are many method books out there, all having specific goals. We tend to use beginning band books, which are helpful for full band, but this aides in specific trumpet needs.

Launch’s GOALS are:

1-  Teach basic music theory BEFORE your student picks up the

instrument to allow the student to focus on flow and phrasing.

2-  Teach audiation through mouthpiece buzzing BEFORE your

student picks up the instrument

3-  Do not force a specific first note to come out- rather start

wherever a student is comfortable and guide them through their

range using chromaticism

4-  Introduce Chromaticism to help in range and understanding all

notes (enharmonic spellings)

5-  Keep Middle G/Middle C as middle set (don’t spend too much

time in the low register)

6-  Teach different time signatures and focus on pulse

7-  Teach FLOW and PHRASING from the start of playing the


8-  Teach and play fundamentals and songs in many different keys.

9-  Set up students with efficient ways to play and practice.

10-Have supplementary materials to aid in students’ success.

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